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Movie Review: 'Shattered Glass'

by Alex Linder
28 November 2004

"Stop pitching, Steve. It's over." And with that, lying jew Stephen Glass (right) is expelled from the offices of The New Republic, in whose pages he planted 27 bogus stories. That's 27 out of 41, and this with a battery of senior editors, copy editors, and lawyers going over his every word multiple times!

Jew Glass's behavior and expulsion is a perfect microcosm of the experience of jews among Aryans. The jews lie, cheat and steal, cry, whine, plead when they get caught, and finally wind up getting booted out on their ass. "Shattered Glass" isn't an action feature like "They Live," or a sci-fi thriller like "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but it pursues the same object: the dramatic extraction of what is from what seems. This is a perfect trainer movie for WN investigators because in the chutzpathetic behavior and unmanly deportment of jew Glass we have a window into his entire rotten, duplicitous, wheedling, whining, conspiring, expostulating race. Through a glass clearly we are shown, not told, everything we need to know about jews.

Jews are essentially nodes on a global criminal network, call it Interstein. Each comes equipped with a bag of excuses, and a black book of Crimbergs and Bailsteins to reroute 'round danger should the jig be uppin', and links disabled. Deceit and manipulation are second nature to the jews. The Aryan misses this at the cost of his society, then his existence. There are very few sectors of our society not shot through with jews spinning lies for profit.
From the race-realist point of view, what is a detail in the movie is actually one of its most telling points, namely that when the fact-checking heat came down, and jew Glass was forced to document his sources, he was able to rely upon his brother at Stanford (!) to sustain his mirage. At the drop of a dime, jew/Stanford was willing to help jew/D.C. by calling up editor Lane and pretending to be George Simms, president of Jukt Micronics, a company Glass invented as part of a kewl story about a teen hacker hired at a seven-figure salary to secure a company whose computers he'd invaded. Spinning illusions out of dust; making a living from the air - these are jewish specialities. These black arts are much admired among Semites. Without truth or honor going for them, the jews are left with a sort of crooked loyalty. However, that crooked loyalty may be enough, given jewish predominance in our society. It is the odd Glass that gets broken. The vast majority remain intact and in place, and the media they produce a funhouse in which everything is distorted out of all shape, but always to their benefit.
Lane-the-Aryan vs. Glass-the-Jew; or, When Objectivity Meets Subjectivity
If you don't recall the Glass caper from a few years ago, read these two links to refresh your memory.

The New Republic belongs to Martin Peretz, a jew. It's a standard jew organ, liberal, anti-racist, except when it comes to Israel, where it's hyperracist. The day-to-day editorial business during the late nineties was run by goy Michael Kelly, who was fired and gave way to goy Charles Lane. Kelly was popular with the staff of twentysomething writers, and jew Glass used Lane's stiffish relationship with the Kelly-loyal staff to smear Lane's motives when he began the Aryan detective work to reveal the jewish crime.

Charles Lane (left) is the quintessential honest Aryan, slow to anger, slow to doubt. Glass is the jew. Quick to draw sympathy, entertain, draw women, hyperemotional. Lying, lying, lying, blaming sources as lie after lie disintegrates upon inspection, not above a final ploy of hinting that he's suicidal when Lane finally fires him. Never, really, taking responsibility for anything. Hell, trying to profit from his lies to the very end. In real life Stephen Glass finished law school at Georgetown and returned to New York, where he wrote a novel, The Fabulist, about himself. This be chutzpah, and the jew must make the most of it. "Sell every lie three times," as the jewish writers say. Did you damage the reputation of a century-old institution with your fabrications? Well, don't stop, Hyman, until you've wrung every last drop of profit from your imposture.

As I say, Lane, at least in the movie, is the quintessential Aryan. Scrupulous, honest, slow, careful. Such a contrast to the eely, oily, teary jew, he's. The beautiful part of this movie is that this lying jew doesn't get away with it. He gets nailed. The Lane mill grinds slow but it grinds fein, so to speak. The righteous Aryan leader finally puts his foot down and crushes the jewsnake. The women cry and moan, but in the end, they come around. They see that in his coldness and his carefulness and his judgment - Lane was right. Justice not mercy rules the day - very unusual these days. You will see the obvious parallel to our political situation today, where jew-conditioned white women import/sleep with niggers/other women, and everything goes to hell. The jew draws the women to revolt, tells them they're equals of men, with just as much capacity for violence, reasoned thought, and leadership. They aren't. But many of them, hearing uniform message of the school-government-media machine, exposed to nothing else, buy it. We all see and must live with the results.

It never occurs to Lane that someone would make up stories out of whole cloth. But when he's contacted by Adam Penenberg of Forbes Digital, it slowly dawns on him that something is deeply wrong about the Glass story mentioned above. The company, Jukt Micronics, can't be located. Neither can the teen hacker. Neither can the kid's agent, nor the convention at which he was hailed as a superstar, be documented. But the jew doesn't give up or give the truth up easily. He's got lies to cover lies. As each layer is peeled, a new one presents itself. He's got excuses, explanations, and extenuations for everything. And the whining and expostulation and attempted guilt-tripping are unbelievable. A jew is an animal that seems to have all the defenses of the animal kingdom at its disposal: the tears of woman, the bloating of the pufferfish, the squirting of the squid, the quills of the porcupine.
"Are you mad at me?" Glass says throughout the picture, trying to deflect Lane's request for notes and contact information. He's continually trying to turn an objective question of evidence into a subjective question of motivation, exactly the way the ADL tries to turn debate over crime from a focus on objective data to subjective feelings about motives. And for the same reason: to hide the guilty party; in his case himself; in the ADL's case, organized jewry, which is responsible for the "civil rights" that loosed black criminals on a formerly safely segregated nation.

The cold, logical, masculine application of feminine wiles, deceit, and manipulation seems to be the working M.O. of the jewish race, from Glass right on up. Glass instinctively exhibits behavior scientifically turned into strategy by ADL. The Aryan finds the jew hard to understand because Aryans follow a different pattern. When we lie, the vast majority of us, we know we're doing a shitty thing; that we're destroying trust, and tearing away the basis of communal life. When the pressure gets great enough, or our remorse overwhelms our conscience, we admit to it. JEWS AREN'T LIKE THAT. There ought to be a name given the fallacy of assuming that people that look more or like us think like we do. Jews don't. They are a different species. They do not feel ashamed of lying, they PRIDE THEMSELVES ON THEIR ABILITY TO LIE. Remember what Monica Lewinsky said, when her lies about her mess with Clinton were revealed. Lying was "what you did. It was how you got through life." Think about the implications of that for a second. The jews don't see lying as a desperate last resort. They see it as an essential tool in making their way through our world. The jews sort of look like us, and they move among us, but they are something very, very different.

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